The best people to drive change inside your organization are often overlooked. They might not have a big title, and they might not be in a corporate function.

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We partner with organizations through a series of workshops and coaching sessions to identify these individuals, set up your team, and set that team on a path for success.


Confirm Target

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Often, organizations have already done a lot of work defining key cultural dimensions or imperatives. (You know where you want to go, but you're struggling with how to get there.) Sometimes, organizations haven't done any of this work yet. We'll first work with you to ensure your team is crystal clear on your target state culture.

Identify Cultivators

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There are people inside your organization right now who are already living into that target state culture. They are driving new thinking and championing new ideas. They may even be trying their own skunkworks groups. They need to be encouraged, brought together, and aligned. We'll help you uncover these leaders using our custom assessment process that will help find people beyond the usual suspects.

Kickstart the community

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By bringing together the right group of leaders, we can help you kickstart a thriving community within the organization that will support and encourage the culture change. A community is not simply a distribution list -- it is a group of people coming together around a shared interest heading in a strategic direction. Your community will be set up to thrive and grow organically within your organization.

Amplify the Community's impact

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Through feedback, coaching, and accountability plans, your Cultivators will be participating in the leadership development experience of a lifetime as they shape and grow the community driving change in your organization. They're expected to fail, learn, and progress in unexpected ways as your organization's unique, genuine culture is unleashed.



We work with organizations of all sizes across all industries all around the globe.

The only requirement is a commitment to change, because we're not just going to give you some fancy Powerpoint slides and leave, we're going to guide and support you as you actually make it happen.