We need to dig deep if we want to realize lasting culture change. The solutions lie buried inside hearts and minds throughout your organization.

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Cultivate exists to identify and coach changemakers to drive culture change.

Too often, organizations have a narrow view on who has the power to change culture. No culture can be exclusively driven top-down. It can be articulated top-down, but many factors influence how it comes to life.

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Rather than providing yet another "definition" of culture,
we want to give you a few caveats for how we think about culture and how it manifests itself:


There's a significant difference between aspirational / stated culture and actual lived culture.


There exist many
sub-cultures within organizations; each leader sets a culture around her.


Culture is linked to the purpose of the organization, and how well employees are bought in to it.


Culture can and does change, but only in small increments in small pockets, not via a broad decree.


Who determines the culture within an organization?

Leaders do.


Often when we think of leaders, we think about named leaders, people in senior roles in our organizations. These named leaders typically make up a tiny fraction of an organization. Although small in number, these named leaders have a high radius of influence and their beliefs and behaviors set the cultural tone of the organization.

In the remaining majority of the organization, there are countless unnamed leaders. These are people who are able to inspire confidence in others to take action. Some may already be known as “emerging talent” and included in talent pipeline and succession planning discussions. Many are unknown. They may not have the title or the formal authority, but they have the ability to influence others in a relatively small radius.

We believe the key to sustainable culture change is finding these unnamed leaders and empowering them to best drive change.


While named leaders are often in a position of authority, they often aren't sure of what actions to take when it comes to culture. 

Lasting change comes from helping unnamed leaders who are not in positions of authority to take more action, while ensuring named leaders are able to prioritize supporting and modeling the change.

Our focus is supporting people who show up with passion, energy, and ownership. These corporate changemakers will lead your organization along a change journey to realize a vibrant culture.