Cultivate is looking for some new Speaker Coaches and Slide Designers to join our team in part-time, freelance capacities.

We’ve spent the past ten years learning and facilitating the best approaches to help speakers communicate their ideas effectively by delivering TED-style talks.

Our clients are primarily large, Fortune 500 organizations for whom we work on many types of culture change initiatives. Part of successfully realizing that culture change means building new capabilities, and communication capabilities are certainly a big part of that.

Over the next few months, we will be working with a large group of new speakers as they prepare for TEDx talks, and we want to bring in some new coaching and slide design talent to help support these individuals on their journey.

Responsibilities for Speaker Coaches will include:

  • Virtual coaching (Zoom/Skype/WebEx) for speakers putting together talks in corporate environments

  • Helping speakers narrow down the one core idea they want to get across

  • Gently and diplomatically nudging speakers towards a different style of communication than they’re typically used to

  • Supporting speakers to craft a 10-15 minute talk that includes a blend of analytical and emotional information

Responsibilities for Slide Designers will include:

  • Virtual work (Zoom/Skype/WebEx) with our speakers and coaches to help them bring visual aids to life once the talk has been formed

  • Bringing the speaker’s personality and message to the screen with a visually-appealing representation of their style

  • Helping speakers who want a lot of information on slides to see the value of a more minimal approach

  • Delivery of slides, animations, or other visual aids as required to effectively enhance the speaker’s talk

The ideal candidate has prior experience coaching many different types of individuals to deliver powerful talks, and has some video examples of the talks these speakers ultimately delivered. Ideally, candidates also have experience working with individuals from a corporate background and understand the corporate context and how to deal with leaders in corporate environments.

We prefer individuals based in the United States that could be more readily-available for on-site coaching if required.

We are open to flexible arrangements depending on your bandwidth. Coaching will all take place during normal business hours (8am-5pm ET) but we could assign you only one speaker at a time or multiple speakers at a time depending on how much time you have available.

Positive outcomes will lead to additional opportunities for coaching, facilitation, and training work.

Deadline to submit applications is April 10, 2019.

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